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Dining On The Wilds
with Miriam Darnall-Kramer & John Goude

      The quality of primitive skills and edible plants videos varies widely. Some videos have really good information, but they would almost kill you with boredom. Other videos are fun to watch, but not terribly informative. The challenge is to make a video that both educational and captivating to watch. The Dining On The Wilds videos have mostly good informative content, but not a very exciting presentation of it. Personally, I would prefer to read it from a book. However, if you are a person who learns better from the video format, then these tapes are for you.

      The Dining On The Wilds videos includes six tapes covering more than 300 species of plants. Although there is a definite slant towards southern California plants, Kramer and Goude do a nice job of representing the most important edible plants all across North America. Also included is the 167 page Dining On The Wilds Reference Manual by Miriam Kramer. One of the greatest assets to these videos is the demonstrations of skills like threshing grain, acorn processing, primitive cooking, harvesting prickly pear cactus, and harvesting cattails. I recommend using these videos with Botany in a Day. Look up the names from the video in the index of Botany in a Day to learn the essential family information.

Tape 1

  • Edible Wild Plants of the Yard: 36:20.
  • Threshing: 4:38.
  • Herbs: 7:20.
  • Interviews: 2:45.
Tape 2
  • Edible Wild Plants of the Roadside and Meadows: 31:09.
  • Edible Wild Plants of the Northwest: 6:42.
  • Yucca: 3:51.
  • Field Identification, Yard & Roadside: 15:15.
Tape 3
  • Eating Wild Plants Safely & Edibility Rules: 11:41.
  • Edible Wild Plants of the Woodlands: 44:24.
  • Acorn Processing: 3:44.
  • Field Identification, The Mountains in Spring: 11:00.
Tape 4
  • Edible Wild Plants of the Desert: 29:55.
  • But Prickly Pears Have Spines: 3:08.
  • Edible Wild Plants of the Mountains: 11:24.
  • Utilizing Edible Wild Plants: 16:27.
Tape 5
  • Edible Wild Plants of the Sea Coast: 10:49.
  • Edible Wild Plants of Wet Places: 12:44.
  • Cattails are the Supermarket: 3:38.
  • Poisonous Plants: 19:30.
  • Avoiding Plant Poisonings: 3:55.
  • Field Identification, The Mountains in Autumn: 15:29.
Tape 6
  • Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America: 36:34.
  • Edible Wild Mushrooms: 8:45.
  • Eat Your Flowers Too: 9:00.
  • Wild Banquet: 7:43.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Do you know that different countries use different video formats? All our videos are in NTSC format, used mostly in North America, Japan and Taiwan. Not sure what format is used in your country? Click here to find out. The Dining on the Wilds tapes are available only in NTSC format.



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