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A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski
Now on DVD!

The Mors Kochanski Plant Walk Series includes seven volumes covering 240 species of plants, plus a master tape for a quick review of them all. As usual, the quality of the information in Kochanski's videos is quite good. I've been studying plants for nearly twenty years, but still found many new and good ideas.

The challenge is to make a video about plants that is also interesting and captivating to watch. The ideal plant video should be produced on DVD, so that the viewer could plug the disk into a computer and go directly to the plant of interest.

As far as plant videos go, these are not too bad. Plants are typically featured in series of seven, followed by review sections to help you remember what you watched. Common and Latin names are given on the video. Also included are question and answer sheets to aid in the review process. I recommend using these videos with Botany in a Day. Look up the Latin names from the video in the index of Botany in a Day to learn the family information.

Range of Plants Covered:These videos were filmed in western Canada. As with any plant book or video you will find many of the species, or close relatives, over much of the continent. To figure if these tapes are right for you, consider these three factors: cold winters, humid air, and western location.

If the place you live matches all three of these factors then you will likely find 90% or more of the plants discussed. If your place matches two of these factors (for example: cold, humid and eastern or cold, dry and western), then you will likely find about 60% of these plants in your area. If your place matches only one factor (for example: warm, dry, western) then you will likely find about 30% of these plants in your area. The plants covered in each video include, by common name:

Volume 1
Silverweed, Marsh Hedge Nettle, Plantain, Brown-Eyed Susan, Yellow Ladies Slipper, Meado Buttercup, Alpine Bistort, Pink Pussytoes, Cream-Colored Peavine, Purple Vetch, Canada Thistle, Arrowleaved and Palmated Coltsfoot, Sundew, Round Leaf Orchid, Caraway, Ox-Eye Daisy, Wire Rush, Macoun's Buttercup, Heart-Leaved Alexanders, Blue-Eyed Grass, Common Red Paintbrush, Alpine Milk-Vetch, Bear Root, Western Wood Lily, Wild Lily-of-the-Valley, Smooth Fleabane, Purple Avens, Drummond's Thistle, Mealy Primrose, Balsaam Groundsel, Northern Green Bog Orchid, Elephant's-Head, Pink Pyrola, Bunchberry and Fireweed.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 1 DVD    $30.00   Quantity:

Volume 2
Death Camas, Wood Betony, Alpine Rock Jasmine, Cusick's Paintbrush, Yellow Columbine, Lance-Leaved Stonecrop, Alpine Goldenrod, Monkshood, Moss Campion, Wolly Lousewort, Marsh Valerian, Tall Larkspur, Shooting Star, Field Chickweed, Alpine Pussytoes, Sheep Sorrel, Sweet Grass, Showy Locoweed, Yellow Rattle, Short Beaked Agoseris, Elk Thistle, Yellow Mountain Avens, Common Bladder Campion, Northern Gentian, Richardson's Geranium, Tall Jacob's Ladder, Smooth Blue Beardstongue, Pasture Sagewort, Toad Flax, Tansy, Timothy, Quack Grass, White-Red-and Alsike Clover, Stiff Club Moss, Ground Pine and Yarrow.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 2 DVD    $30.00   Quantity:

Volume 3
Water Smartweed, Nodding Beggarsticks, Rough Hair Grass, Water Arum, Small Fruited Bulrush, Marsh Marigold, Marsh Cinquefoil, Canada Anenome, Calla Lilly, Buckbean, Marsh Skullcap, Tule Reed (Great Bullrush), Giant Burreed, Floating Bog, Common Cattail, Bulbiferous Hemlock, Water Parsnip, Water Hemlock, Rat Root (Sweet Flag), Cow Parsnip, Western Dock, Blue Columbine, Veiny Meadow Rue, Western Canada Violet, Strawberry, Dewberry, Stinging Nettle, Mackenzie's Hedysarum, Wild Sarsaparilla and Blue Bells.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 3 DVD   $30.00   Quantity:

Volume 4
Nodding Onion, Common Greater Burdock, Fringed Aster, Pasture Sage, Rabbitbrush, Goat's Beard, Baby's-Breath, Old Man Sage, Prickley Pear, Curly Cup Gumweed, Tufted White Praire Aster, Giant Wild Rye Grass, Three Tip Sagebrush, Common Mullein, Spreading Dogbane, Gromwell or Yellow Puccoon., Wolf Lichen, Pearly Everlasting, Hooded Ladies Tresses, Pink Pyrola, Spotted Knapweed, Bull Thistle, Greater Northern Aster, Skunk Cabbage, Self Heal, False Box, False Hellebore, False Solomon's Seal, Sweet Scented Bedstraw, Eyebright, Wild Catnip and Fairy Bells.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 4 DVD    $30.00   Quantity:

Volume 5
Buckbrush, Snowberry, Bracted Honeysuckle, Twining Honeysuckle, High Bush Cranberry, Red Raspberry, Buckbrush, Red Osier Dogwood, Bebb's Willow, Alder, Laborador Tea, Bog Rosemary, Northern Gooseberry, Northern Black Current, Pin Cherry, Choke Cherry, Saskatoon, Bob Birch, Yellow Witch's Broom, White Spruce, Black Spruce, Spruce Resin, Balsam Fir, Balsam Fir Cones, Tamarack.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 5 DVD    $30.00   Quantity:

Volume 6
Limber Pine, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Maple, Hazelnut, Western Mountain Ash, Englemann Spruce, Sub Alpine Fir, Dwarf Birch, Shrubby Cinquefoil, Yellow Mountain Heather (Heath), Hoary Willow, Buffalo Berry, Pink Spirea, White Admiral (Butterfly), Thimble Berry, Red Elderberry, Spiny Wood Fern, Goat's Beard, Bracken Fern, Red Osier Dogwood, White Spruce, Pear-Shaped Puffball, Ponderosa Pine, Black Hawthorn, Oregon Grape, Snowberry, Prickly Rose, White Virgin's Bower and Great Burdock, plus a special section to distinguish between the cones of Limber Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Jack Pine, Tamarack, Ponderosa Pine, Fir, Balsam Fir, White Spruce, Black Spruce and Englemann Spruce .

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 6 DVD    $30.00   Quantity:

Volume 7
Aspen, Choke Cherry, Dogbane, Common Juniper, Devil's Club, Baneberry, Paper Birch Spider, White Poplar and Black Poplar, Aspen Conk, Aspen Stocking Moss, Aspen Burl, Fire Killed Lodgepole Pine, Ants in Lodgepole Pine, Woodland Agaric, Belted Conk, Fairy Stool, Aspen Rough Stem, Field Mushroom, Fluted White Elfin Saddle, Brown Cup, Grasshopper, Smoky Polypore, Aspen Rough Stem, Sketch Pad Fungus, Orange Jelly, Delicious Lactarius, Low Bush Cranberry, Crowberry, Prickly Wild Rose, Mountain Cranberry and Small Bog Cranberry, Hemp Nettle, Red Elderberry and Stinging Elderberry, Wolf Willow, plus a group identification.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski Volume 7 DVD    $30.00   Quantity:

The Master DVD
The Master Tape is intended to for review purposes, to test your knowledge and to help you remember all of the plants covered in the seven volumes. All 240 plants are shown as slides in this video, shown for ten seconds each the first time and for less than three seconds each the second time. The common and Latin names of all the plants are included on printed sheets with the video.

A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski--The Master DVD    $30.00   Quantity:
All 7 Kochanski Plant DVDs + the Master DVD (Save $30.00)   $210.00   Quantity:

Rogers' Herbal Manual
Companion Book to the Mors Kochanski Plant Videos
by Robert Dale Rogers, A.H.G.

Roger's Herbal Manual is designed to accompany Kochanksi's Plant Videos. Hence, there are no pictures or descriptions in the book, just lots of details on the properties and uses of the plants that cannot be adequately covered on film.

Rogers' Herbal Manual Companion Book   $22.50   Quantity:


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