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Jon Young Audio CDs

      Most books and audio programs about nature skills require that you have access to wild lands to hone your abilities. But Jon Young gives you awareness skills for the country or the city. Jon's programs are especially helpful for hard-working people who have the desire to learn but not much time to spend in the woods. Listening to these CDs on the commute to work will refresh your perception of the world around you. The Seeing Through Native Eyes series bears some resemblence to the material presented in the Tom Brown's Field Guides, but through Jon Young's fresh perspective. The programs are excellent resources for the beginning naturalist.

Seeing Through Native Eyes
Understanding the Language of Nature
Eight Jon Young Audio CDs

      Because they lived close to the land, native cultures the world over spoke the language of their place. They knew how to navigate and find shelter and food. They had an intimate understanding of plant and animal life-styles. Above all they knew how to move with grace and ease through the wilderness. Practicing routines that made them invisible, they could read the language of tracks and interpret the stories birds told. Seeing through native eyes means immersing the senses in the natural world and discovering heightened spiritual awareness and a sense of belonging.

      #1 Basics: Wilderness awareness , secret spot, tuning the senses.
      #2 Tracking: Learn to interpret nature through the "seven arts of tracking".
      #3 Wandering: Develop a native sense of navigation, plus plant id strategies.
      #4 Community: Honoring the elders and the story-telling tradition.
      #5 Survival: Scout skills, including shelter, water, fire, food, comfort of mind.
      #6 Language of the Birds: Learn to interpret and disarm the forest alarm system.

Seeing Through Native Eyes. Eight CDs. Cost: $68.00. Please scroll down for our on-line order form.

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Learning the Language of the Birds
A Jon Young Audio Cassette

      How many times have you surprised a fox at play? Or glimpsed a buck before it saw you? How often have you seen a wild creature eye to eye instead of in retreat? What secret do wild things know that allows them to melt into shadows before we arrive?

      For over 25 years, Jon Young, has studied the forest alarm system which allows animals and birds to escape our detection so effectively. In this tape, Jon shares one of the best-kept secrets in nature.

      By learning the "Language of the Birds", the listener can begin to disarm the forest alarm system, and can learn to enter the world of nature as a welcome guest. Learning the Language of the Birds. One 90 minute audio tape. Cost: $13.00. Please Note: This audio tape is included in the Seeing Through Native Eyes series. Please scroll down for our on-line order form.

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Advanced Bird Language
Six Jon Young Audio Cassettes

      If you've listened to Learning the Language of the Birds and you want to hear more fascinating tips about interpreting bird language, then you'll be excited about Jon's eight CD series, Advanced Bird Language. His former tape is still the most important one for understanding the basic theory of understanding bird language.

      The value of the new series is that Jon puts theory into practice, describing the process of learning and using bird language. Especially helpful are Jon's numerous stories of field experiences where he and others have used bird language to read the forest around them. He gives tangible examples of how disturbances ripple through the concentric rings of nature.

      Not all of the CDs are directly related to understanding bird language. Some of the tapes are reminiscent of the Native Eyes series, covering tribal village life and the way of the scout. Advanced Bird Language. Eight Audio CDs.

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Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery
Naturalist Training Program by Jon Young

      Becoming a naturalist doesn't happen over night. It is a gradual process of waking up to the world around you. You learn about the plants and trees and insects and birds and rocks and animals, and you begin to see things in the world that other people do not notice. Your observations might not be major at first, just little things like, "Gee, that interesting. The deer have been eating the Agaricus mushrooms." The more of these little observations you make, the deeper your connection to the natural world becomes.

      Through the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, Jon Young and the Wilderness Awareness School have created a step-by-step course that anyone can follow to achieve greater awareness of the natural world. Kamana One is an introductory program which takes about forty-eight hours of time over two weeks to complete. After finishing the assignments you can mail in a report to the Wilderness Awareness School, and if you desire, you may continue with advanced levels of Kamana. (My book Botany in a Day is used in Kamana Three.) Kamana seems to be designed at least partly to meet mainstream concepts of curriculum. In effect, this is a program that you might be able to implement with an entire class in high school, or you might do it on your own for college credit. In fact, the biggest objection to the program is that you might feel like you are back in school, completing homework assignments!

      Kamana One includes a variety of awareness exercises, with an emphasis on learning to make detailed observations. You do not learn a lot of plants or birds, for example, but simply study a few in great detail, learning to memorize every feature until you can see it vividly in your minds eye. It is essentially the process of developing a "photographic memory". You will use this skill throughout your life to memorize plants, birds, tracks, maps, people's faces, even conversations. As you move through advanced levels of Kamana you learn to journal minute details about every day events, such as each time the wind shifts during the day, every change of the weather, the behavior of the birds and animals, your own moods, what insects are out and about. In short you develop a sort of hyper-awareness about the world around you.

      While the benefits of such training are extremely profound, the process of learning it is not. The excercises in Kamana One are surprisingly simplistic, intended to help you break through the normal cloud of distractions to experience the world around you much more clearly. The Seeing Through Native Eyes cassettes are required resources used in conjunction with Kamana One

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Remember: Learning the Language of the Birds is included in the Seeing Through Native Eyes series!


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