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Sinews & Hide Glue
Supplies for Primitive Archery and Native Crafts

      Sinews: We sell backstrap sinews and leg tendons from deer and elk. The thick, round leg tendons are found on the lower part of the legs. The backstrap sinews are found along both sides of the backbone. The sinews we sell are cleaned and dried by our supplier, Michael Foltmer. You will need to process the sinews down to individual fibers for use.

     Processing backstrap sinews is easy. Simply use the thumb and index finger of each hand to hold the sinews at two points close together then twist the fibers around to separate them. Work the entire length of the backstraps this way.

     Leg sinews require a bit more work. Start by pounding the tendons with either a wood mallet or a very smooth stone on a wood surface such as a log or stump. Do not use a rough stone, because it will cut the fibers. Pound the tendons thoroughly, from one end to the other to loosen the fibers. Then pull them apart into individual fibers with your fingers. The fibers can be split down again and again, to finer and finer threads.

     Hide Glue: Animal skins consist of a network of gluey collagen protein fibers. When a skin dries to rawhide the gluey fibers set up and the hide becomes stiff like a board. You can extract this glue by slowly simmering scraps of rawhide in water. It is one of the strongest glues known to humankind. The heat should be kept low to avoid burning and weakening the glue. The hide glue we sell is carefully prepared, dried and ground into chunks and powder by our supplier. All you have to do is add water and warm it up.

     For in depth details on processing and using sinews and hide glue, be sure to check out the latest edition of Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills

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Elk Backstrap Sinew (18" - 28" long) -USA Only-    $10.00    Quantity:
Deer Backstrap Sinew (13" - 17" long) -USA Only-    $5.00    Quantity:
1/2 lb. Hide glue (dried and crushed) -USA Only-    $15.00    Quantity:

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