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Hoods Woods "Woodsmaster" and "Cave Cooking Videos"
Now on DVD!
Produced by Ron & Karen Hood

     The quality of primitive skills instructional videos varies widely. Some videos have really good information, but they would almost kill you with boredom. Other videos are fun to watch, but not terribly informative. There are relatively few videos that are both educational and stimulating to watch. The Hoods Woods videos are very well produced, and most of them are reasonably informative. Our favorite video of the series for both information content and the quality of presentation is Hoods Woods Volume 9: Primitive Knife-Making.
     Ron and Karen Hood present a mix of primitive and modern survival skills and woodslore. We have scored each of the videos we carry for information content and the presentation quality. Five *'s in each category is the highest score. We score all videos conservatively to leave room at the top for the always newer and better videos as they become available.

      Special Offer: Order any six Hoods Woods DVDs and get the seventh video for FREE! To take advantage of this special offer simply order any combination of six (6) Ron Hood and/or Karen Hood DVDs on this page, then specify which video you want for free in the "Comments" box on the checkout form. There is no limit to this offer (i.e.: buy twelve, get two free, etc.).

Hoods Woods Survival Basics on DVD
A sampler of survival tips from Ron & Karen Hood

Survival Basics I & II DVD
      Survival Basics is a Hoods Woods sampler, with two DVDs, 31 chapters, and 134 minutes of some of the most focussed survival tips taken from from several volumes of Ron and Karen Hoods survival videos. Survival Basics gives you some valuable survival skills and a taste of what is on each of the Woodsmaster volumes at one bargain price. In Survival Basics you can learn how to build an effective shelter and defeat the five deadly mechanisms of heat loss, start a fire without a match, make and use your own survival kit, and tailor it to different environments, plus learn navigation skills, trapping, and wilderness cooking. (2 DVDs. 134 minutes)

Woodsmaster Survival Basics I & II DVD Set**********$15.00

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Ron Hood "Woodsmaster" Videos on DVD
Produced by Ron & Karen Hood

Volume 1 - Spark Based Fire Starting
     The Firebow! Now you can learn how to make fire by friction! Learn how to use Flint and Steel, the Metal Match, and a Flashlight Fire! This tape covers materials selection and amazing special tips. This is essential information for any woodsperson. (70 minutes)

Volume 2 - Survival Shelter Selection
     Learn the survival priorities and how to meet them! What is the rule of threes? You learn the heat loss mechanisms, site selection, pine log shelters, the Firebed, and more incredible Woodsmaster Tips, Lore and Techniques. (80 minutes)

Volume 3 - Making and Using your Outdoor Survival Kit
     What goes into a Survival kit, How to carry it. Discover how to make and use the amazing Mini Kit, it's so small it almost disappears in your pocket! The Maxi Kit, It's still small but it gives you so much to work with. Learn Wire Snares, Fishing tricks. A bee and a bird trap with a coffee can, animal hooks, the Delbow Pocket bow and arrow, the twitch up snare, tube tent tricks, a snare wire compass. Discover INNOVATION, and a bunch of special Woodsmaster tricks and techniques. This information can save your life! (95 minutes)

Volume 4 - Primitive Navigation and Wilderness Travel Techniques
     You'll learn the Ottomani pocket Sun compass. Night navigation, Shadow stick tricks, "Self Tracking", The Vietnamese Montegnards "bu cat" walking stick technique, the Plainsman stride and lock step, more techniques for telling direction, distance and height, trail travel energy saving techniques, hydration information and a ton more... Including the beginnings of the Lithic arts (Stone tool making)! (84 minutes of navigation wisdom)

Volume 5 - Traps and Trapping
     Trapping is one of the most important wilderness skills! After shelter and water, food is the key to survival living in the wilderness. This video covers the basic "engines" of machine type traps, techniques for setting and using snares, and much more. If you can't feed yourself after watching this video... you need a supermarket! (88 minutes)

Volume 6 - Primitive Weapons Technology
     Learn about the Viet Cong cross bow a simple and elegant solution to getting game and defending yourself. Learn how to "tiller" a functional bow and make arrows. See how to make and use an atlatl. Learn the skills and techniques of the sling, the throwing stick and a bunch more! Learn some basic hide tanning techniques and more information on the Lithic arts... Pressure flaking. (107 minutes)

Volume 7 - Jungle Living Skills
     Hoods Woods went to the Amazon rain forest to practice the art of jungle survival! Learn to make an authentic jungle blowgun, make a bowl from mud to mug, learn how jungle beer is made, learn to prepare a monkey, construct a jungle trap, capture and eat alligators and more. Learn how to call jungle birds to your dinner pot, how to prepare your gear for hot-wet conditions and you will see how an isolated tribe of natives, the Chapra-Candoshi live in the heart of the jungle. This is a ground breaking video. Discovery with an attitude! (96 minutes)

Volume 8 - The Fundamentals of Tracking
     One of the most important -- and most difficult -- skills of the Woodsmaster is the ability to track. In this volume of the Woodsmaster we examine the fundamental skills related to the art of tracking. We show you the ìFour principles of sign,î how to read ìAction indicators,î and ways to learn the age of a track. Youíll see how to make and use a ìTracking pitî and exercises you can do to sharpen your tracking skills. Since light is critical to effective tracking youíll see the secrets of good lighting as well as dozens of Woodsmaster tracking tips and techniques. (98 minutes)

Volume 9 - Primitive Knife Making
     In this video you learn the secrets of materials selection, forge building, tools, techniques and tempering so you can make your own terrific tools or blades at home or in the field. Why buy expensive knives when you can make your own...from JUNK? Once youíve seen these techniques you will have the knowledge to make metal tools in the field. Find a horseshoe, build a primitive forge and a fire. Then, with a rock or a hard stick, you can heat and pound that piece of rusted junk into a usable and effective tool or weapon. You will learn that you donít need electricity, power tools or boat loads of money to make beautiful, functional and durable knives or other metal pieces. You will see that you can build a forge in your own back yard and you donít need Arnieís arms to hammer hot steel. Itís all in the techniqueÖ  (1 hour, 45 minutes!)

Volume 10 - Survival Camping
     In this video Ron and Karen Hood take you and 12 folks into Idaho's River-of-no-Return Wilderness area for 8 days of survival skills and gear testing. What you will see is a no-holds-barred record of their experience. You will see how to tell time by the North Star, build a wilderness sauna and make a primitive forge from trash. You will learn how to make and use Bannock for food, make wilderness drills, body-bag hammocks, how to use a rotting carcass and how to fashion a fishing pole from your mini-kit parts. You will see how to prepare rawhide and tendons and trap game. You will also learn how to prepare your pack for when you want to go into the woods to test YOUR skills! (1 hour, 58 minutes!)

Volume 11 - SOLO: The Quest for Survival
     Follow Ron hood as he travels deep into the mountains of Idaho for a two-week test of his survival skills. During his adventure he is poisoned by bad food, attacked by a moose and finds that a forest fire has destroyed most of the small game and fish. To top it off the summer weather quickly became a two week winter storm. With less than a pound of food for the two weeks and only a blanket and a tarp for shelter in the subfreezing temperatures you will learn how even a planned survival test can quickly become the ìReal thingî  (1 hour, 58 minutes!)

Volume 12 - Arid Land - Vehicle Survival
     In this video you will learn the tricks and techniques needed to get your vehicle out of trouble and back on the road. A broken down or stuck vehicle is the cause of the vast majority of survival incidents reported each year. With these skills you can avoid becoming a statistic. (1 hour, 44 minutes)

Volume 13 - Desert Survival; On Foot
     This video covers the tricks and techniques for survival on the ground, in the desert. Topics covered include travel, shelter, water, physiology and much more. You will see first hand the process of constructing a "solar still" and a "transpiration still" and be able to decide for yourself if these techniques are worth the effort. You will also learn about some of those "movie skills" seen on popular programs... Is it cool to take off your shirt in the desert? Find out... (1 hour, 40 min)

Volume 14 - Crafts for the Field
     Discover new skills to make useful crafts for the field. Learn about the thermoplastic called Kydex and how to mold and use it. This video shows you how to cover a Kydex sheath with leather to give the sheath that Woodsmaster look without losing the safety of Kydex. You will also learn how to make a small concealed carry holster from kydex, as well as how to make leather buttons, a ditty bag, and a special Woodsmaster fingerless glove. (1 hour, 45 min.)

Volume 15 - Sticks, Stoves and Stitches
     Join Ron Hood and friend George Michaud and learn how to make Buffalo Hide Moccasins close--up from beginning-to-end. Learn how to make a pattern from your foot, learn the proper stitching techniques so you will not "walk off" the stitching once you begin to wear the mocs. Learn what materials to use and what a "glover's needle" is good for. Learn an improvised thimble and how to prepare the sole for your sandals as well as other intricacies that will help you to make extremely comfortable footwear from thick rawhide.
     Also meet "Fire God" Alan Halcon as he teaches you step-by-step how to make the Halcon Mini Alcohol Stove. This stove is made out of 2 aluminum cans and is so small it will fit into your back pocket (not recommended!) It is so effective it will boil water in a flash. Alan also demonstrates how to make a long-lasting coal with the easy-and-fast-to-make Fire Drill. (1 hour, 20 min.)

Volume 16 - Buffalo Butchers: Meat and Material from Large Game
     In this video Ron Hood takes you to Salmon, Idaho to visit wilderness instructors Joe and Denyce Bigley (Aboman and Abowoman) of Salmon Outdoor School. With the help of Lakota-Sioux and local butcher Dallas Dupree, they harvest a buffalo and show you the steps Native Americans have taken to harvest, process and use almost every part of the animal.
     Learn how to skin the animal starting at the back, how to make an expedient stone tool for skinning and butchering, how to butcher it using both stone and steel tools, how to preserve the brain for future brain-tanning, how to remove and prepare tendons for sinew, and even how to prepare the stomach for use as a cooking vessel. This video is a companion to Karen Hood's Cave Cooking Volume V: Buffalo Butchers--Primitive Cooking.(1 hour, 25 min.)

Volume 17 - Buffalo Butchers: The Final Chapter
      This video covers wraps up the Buffalo Butchers mini-series with the basics of hide tanning. Using some buffalo skin, deer hide, and an old badger hide Ron and Karen Hood along with Joe and Denyce Bigley demonstrate a variety of tanning techniques. First they tan the hide of the badger, harvested and salted over 20 years ago. Then they take a deer hide from its raw state through hide scraping, de-hairing, braining, grain breaking, and finally to its finished, smoked and pliable form. The video covers tendons and how to prepare them for use and how to make a primitive pouch using leather "extras". The video also includes more lithic arts: percussion, pecking and pressure flaking, as well as tools and safety for the tool-making process, plus making char cloth, and a look at Razorback knives. (1 hour, 40 min.)

Volume 18 - Bronze: Molding, Copying, and Casting
      Bronze is one of the cornerstones of civilization. Ancient metalworkers learned to manufacture this metal around a simple campfire. The skills they discovered and the techniques they uncovered are all explored as Ron takes you on a tour of Romania's historical artifacts and treasures. You will see the process as copies of some of these ancient artifacts are made for later casting into bronze. In this DVD you will learn, upclose, the basics of modeling, copying, mold making, casting and aging of bronze. Watch Ron get his face cast into a bronze life mask from start to finish. This DVD does not include instructions for constructing your own foundry, but it does teach you, up close, all about preparing and casting of Bronze as you watch and learn. (1 hour, 45 min.)

Volume 19 - Bronze II: The Home Foundry
      In this volume of the Woodsmaster, Ron teaches you to begin building the materials you need to start your own foundry business or hobby. Topics covered include: setting up your home foundry, introduction to sand casting, setting up the foundry area, safety precautions, building and testing a propane burner, precautions for burner, how to make castable refractory cement, building an adaptable Flower-Pot furnace for propane or charcoal, and dozens of close up tips and techniques to get you started. (2 hours.)

Volume 20 - Bronze III: The Final Steps
      In this third Bronze DVD, Ron Hood teaches the final steps to starting your own foundry business or hobby. Join Ron and let him teach you all about making green sand, the importance of "riddling," making a frame or "flask," making an indexing key, using an electric kiln as a furnace, what a "cone" is used for, why the magnet is your friend, low cost or free sources for brass and bronze, how to cast fragile items in plaster, and how to make a wax impression. Watch two actual molten bronze pours and see how it's done, while Ron shows you the tips and tricks to use a microwave in casting, re-use your plaster, help your plaster molds with borax, re-use your bronze shavings, and turn your pour "failures" into cool successes! The DVD includes all these skills and more up-close, detailed instruction to complete your bronze casting lessons. (1 hour, 49 min.)

-Ron Hood Woodsmaster Survival Videos on DVD-
Woodsmaster 1: Fire Starting DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 2: Survival Shelters DVD*******$20.00
Woodsmaster 3: Survival Kits DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 4: Navigation & Travel DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 5: Traps DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 6: Weapons DVD******$20.00
Woodsmaster 7: Jungle Survival Skills DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 8: Tracking DVD****$20.00
Woodsmaster 9: Primitive Knife Making DVD**********$20.00
Woodsmaster 10: Survival Camping DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 11: Solo; The Quest for Survival DVD*****$20.00
Woodsmaster 12: Arid Lands Vehicle Survival DVD*******$20.00
Woodsmaster 13: Desert Survival: On Foot DVD*****$20.00
Woodsmaster 14: Crafts for the Field DVD*******$20.00
Woodsmaster 15: Sticks, Stoves, and Stitches DVD*******$20.00
Woodsmaster 16: Buffalo Butchers: Meat and Material DVD********$20.00
Woodsmaster 17: Buffalo Butchers: The Final Chapter DVD*********$20.00
Woodsmaster 18: Bronze: Molding, Copying, and Casting DVD*********$20.00
Woodsmaster 19: Bronze II: The Home Foundry DVD**********$20.00
Woodsmaster 20: Bronze III: The Final Steps DVD**********$20.00

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Karen Hood "Cave Cooking Videos"
Produced by Ron & Karen Hood

Cave Cooking I
     Karen shows you how to clean and cook fish, squirrel, marmot, maggot and some select wild edible plants. She teaches you how to make wilderness bread, the amazing stone oven, the hobo stove and hobo oven. You'll see the dough rising tent and how to get yeast from your environment. This is the perfect complement to the Woodsmaster Volume 5 where we catch the food that Karen is cooking in this video! (60 minutes.)

Cave Cooking II
     In this second volume of the Cave Cooking series, Karen Hood teaches you important cooking methods for home and camp. You'll learn about the "Dutch" oven, the types, the uses, how to how to "season" it for use and how to care for it . You'll also learn some great recipes! You'll drool over the Pot Roast steaming with browned potatoes and thick gravy, you'll groan when you see how easy it is to cook a great breakfast with a Dutch, your arteries will thicken when you see her make DONUTS and then you'll moan when she serves up her famous rat stew... uhhh errr? Well, why not?
     Ever heard about SOLAR cooking? You'll see the three basic types of solar cookers and how to make and use them. Solar Cookers are great non polluting cookers that are efficient and entertaining to use. Not only that but they are a real eye-opener. These things are used to cook the daily meals all around the globe. (73 minutes.)

Cave Cooking III: Fat, Frocks, and Food
     In this volume of Cave Cooking, Karen Hood flies you into Idaho's outback to show you some of the coolest chow, cooking tricks and gear you've seen yet. Before she takes off for the outback, you settle down to learn how to cut and assemble a buckskin rifleman's frock, you make tallow from waste fat, real pemmican with dried beef, tallow candles and other cool things. Back in Idaho's "River of no return wilderness" Karen will teach you how to put your wilderness cooking skills together. You'll learn how to combine pemmican, bannock (Instructions included) and wild thistle to make a delicious and nutritious meal. You'll also learn how to make wilderness pizza, stick bread and some special tricks about creating cooking gear from trash and more! (70 minutes.)

Cave Cooking IV: "Messin' with Meat"
     Join Karen Hood in another volume of Cave Cooking as she shows you how to mess with your meat! She'll show you the basics of smoking, curing, sausage-making, meat preservation and much more. Learn to make home-made Italian sausage, how to make oven jerky from flank steak and how to make jerky from ground meat that doesn't need refrigeration after you prepare it. Follow Karen as she shows the complete process of making home made Corned Beef and Pastrami.
     Ever heard of "Plank Cooking"? Karen shows and explains this whole process in easy to follow steps. Learn all about wood chips and how to use your propane BBQ as a smoker. Ever made your own Smoked Salmon? Well after watching this video you'll be able to make it any time you want and save money doing it. Get your bib ready as you'll be drooling and wishing you had smell-a-vision while watching this video! (65 minutes. )

Cave Cooking V: Buffalo Butchers: Primitive Cooking
      Karen Hood takes you to Salmon, Idaho to meet with professional Abo cooker Denyce Bigley of Salmon Outdoor School in this companion to Ron Hood's Volume 16 - Buffalo Butchers: Meat and Material from Large Game. In Karen's video you will follow Denyce through the steps the American Indians would have taken to prepare and use an entire buffalo for food. Learn all the steps to make a Native American meat perservation rack and how to smoke meat using it. Learn how to use the Buffalo's stomache as a cooking vessel the ancient way. Learn how to cook Buffalo Stew using hot rocks, how to cook fish using bark and clay, how to utilize the intestines for traditional Buffalo Sausage. Learn about some wild edibles the Native Americans would have used in cooking. See how to use those wild edibles to make a delicious and nutritious hot tea. (1 hour, 15 min.)

      Special Offer: Order any six Hoods Woods DVDs and get the seventh video for FREE! To take advantage of this special offer simply order any combination of six (6) Ron Hood and/or Karen Hood DVDs on this page, then specify which video you want for free in the "Comments" box on the checkout form. There is no limit to this offer (i.e.: buy twelve, get two free, etc.).

-Karen Hood Woodsmaster Home "Cave Cooking" Videos on DVD-
Cave Cooking I DVD*****$20.00
Cave Cooking II DVD********$20.00
Cave Cooking III: Fat, Frocks, and Food DVD********$20.00
Cave Cooking IV: Messin with Meat DVD********$20.00
Cave Cooking V: Buffalo Butchers--Primitive Cooking DVD**********$20.00


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