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Animal Tracking Basics

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Animal Tracking Basics
by Jon Young and Tiffany Morgan

      Animal Tracking Basics is Not a guide to animal tracks. Rather, it is a guide to becoming a tracker. Jon Young and Tiffany Morgan outline the basic skills to become a successful tracker, emphasizing awareness skills, journaling techniques, learning how to interpret tracks and patterns, ecology awareness and mapping skills, aging tracks, interpreting bird language, and developing your intuition. Many of the tracking and awareness skills taught at Wilderness Awareness School are presented in this book.

      Animal Tracking Basics includes numerous excercises and games to help you learn more about the community of plants and animals around you. Young and Morgan incorporate a "big picture" approach, showing how knowledge of the landscape can help you find animal runs and beds. Also includes are tips on the use of tracking tools and making casts. Numerous stories by the authors and other experienced trackers brings the book alive with useful and inspiring wisdom. Stackpole Books. ISBN: 0-8117-3326-7-6. 298 Pages. 2007.