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The Art of Flintknapping Book & DVD Set

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The Art of Flint Knapping Book & DVD
By D.C. Waldorf, illustrated by Valerie Waldorf

      About the book: I cannot imagine any primitive skill more difficult to learn or teach through a book than flint knapping. Nevertheless, D.C. Waldorf took on the challenge and produced a truly remarkable and user-friendly guide inThe Art of Flint Knapping. Waldorf originally wrote the book as a class hand-out to answer the questions that every student asks. Over the years it was refined and expanded to cover the emerging field of experimental archaeology. The result is a well-honed book that is useable to the amateur or the professional. The Art of Flint Knapping is used world-wide as a text for lithic technology classes. The illustrations by Valerie Waldorf are simply exquisite. The Art of Flint Knapping, 5th Edition. 76 pages.

      About the DVD: The next best thing to a live knapping demonstration is a video. In The Art of Flintknapping Video Companion DVD Waldorf uses his skills to bring to life the techniques illustrated in his book. Both the book and video have become classics but still remain the most powerful stand-alone teaching tools in the business. Digitally re-mastered from the original footage and computer edited, the video can now be viewed as originally conceived with titles linking the scenes to the chapters and figures in the book. Covers raw material processing, working nodules, blocks and slabs to Stage 3, making gunflints, holding positions, billet swing and strike, platform preparation and pressure flaking are discussed while making an Adena point. Also, Clovis fluting by direct percussion, various notching techniques and making a small arrow point. The Art of Flintknapping Video Companion DVD. Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes.