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The Best of Woodsmoke

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The Best of Woodsmoke

-A Manual of Outdoor Skills-

Table of Contents

1. A Parable by Mack Smith
2. The Use of Pitch by Richard Jamison
3. The Wickiup by Jim Riggs
4. I Wonder Where the Water Is? by Richard Jamison
5. Surviving "Solo" by Sheran Benerth
6. Keep a Fine Grind and a Level Bevel by Cecil Hamilton
7. Surviving a Blizzard with Only a Blanket by Larry J. Wells
8. Surviving Winter Hazards by Larry J. Wells
9. Nature's Yeast by Linda Jamison
10. The Hot Coal Bed by Larry D. Olsen
11. Deadfall Trapping by Larry D. Olsen
12. A Soft Bed in the Woods by Ernest Wilkinson
13. The Stone Axe by Paul Hellweg
14. Primitive Fishing by Richard Jamison
15. The Art of Making Arrowheads by Paul Hellweg
16. Troubleshooting Bow and Drill Fires by Richard Jamison
17. A Primitive Hand Fire-Drill by Ron "Gus" Gustaveson
18. A Deer is More Than Venison on the Table by Jim Riggs
19. Wilderness Cordage by Richard Jamison
20. Surviving Mentally by Gary Wisdom
21. Basics of Keeping Warm by Richard Jamison