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Primitive Technology I: A Book of Earth Skills

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Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills
The best from the pages of the Bulletin of Primitive Technology

      Primitive Technology includes reprints of valuable articles from back issues of the Bulletin of Primitive Technology that are no longer in print, plus many new and descriptive additions that have never been seen before.

      Due to the high cost of reproduction for single issues of the Bulletin and the demand from new members for access to this valuable information, the Society of Primitive Technology has produced this special edition of Primitive Technology. This book contains the outstanding writing, photo essays and charts that are found in each issue of the Bulletin. Plus the Editor has added many new sidebars and tidbits of information never before published by the Society. It's a true collector's item for every member of the Society of Primitive Technology or any person who wants to learn more about primitive camping, primitive crafts, outdoor survival, primitive living, and stone-age wilderness survival skills. 1999. 248 Pages. Cost $25.


What is Experimental Archaeology by Errett Callahan
The Society of Primitive Technology and Experimental Archaeology by David Wescott
Sheltered in Prehistory by Steve Watts
Why Build Traditional Houses Today by John White
North American House Reconstruction Projects
More Than Just A Shelter by Susan Eirich-Dehn
Caddo House Reconstruction by Scooter Cheatham

The Miracle of Fire by Friction by Dick Baugh
Fire by Norm Kidder
Understanding Wood Fire by Mors Kochanski
The Hand-drill and Other Fires by David Wescott
Tips for Hand-drill Fire Makers by Paul Schweighardt
The Goysich Hand-drill by Jim Allen
Experiments With the Hand-drill by Evard Gibby
Pump-drill Fires by Anthony Follari
Tinder Bundle Construction by Charles Worsham
Polypore Fungi Fire Extenders by R. Allen Mounier
Where There is No Tinder by E. J. Pratt
Primitive Match by David Holladay

First Tools by David Wescott
Bone Working Basics by Steve Watts
Bone Splitting Tips by Steve Watts
An Exercise with Bone by David Holladay
Split Rib-Bone Knives by Steve Watts
From The Leg Of The Deer by Roy H. Brown
Mat Needles by Chris Morasky
Making a Reduced Antler Flaker by Steven Edholm
Antler Billet by Chas. Spear
Selecting Bone Working Materials by David Wescott
Knife Hafting Ideas by Chas. Spear
Stages of Manufacture by Errett Callahan
Stone Tool Basics by Steve Watts
Principles of Uniformity by David Wescott
Experimental Reproduction of Prehistoric Sickles by Manuel Luque Cortina & Javier Baena Preysler
Knapping Illustrated by Chas. Spear
Hands-Free Vice & Primitive Switch Blade Knife by George Stewart
Basketmaker Knife by David Holladay
Drilling Stone by Larry Kinsella
Celts and Axes by Errett Callahan
Personal Notes on Celt Use by Larry Kinsella
Manufacture of Ground Stone Axes by Paul Hellweg
Greenstone Woodworking Tools by Scott Silsby
Knapping Tools by Steve Watts
Peek Into The Past by Steve Allely
Functional Motions by Errett Callahan
Wood Working Basics by David Wescott
Shaving Horse by Douglas Macleod
The Roycroft Pack Frame by Dick Baugh
Manufacture of Thrusting Spears by Steve Watts
Bullroarers by Tom Hackett
Carving Green Wood by Gregg Blomberg
A Hafted Adze by George Price

Gathering and Preparing Plant Fibers by David Wescott
Rediscovering Flax by Evard Gibby
Agave Fibers by Michael Ryan
Agave Fiber Preparation by David Holladay
Retting Basswood Bark by Scott Silsby
Cordage by Steven Edholm and Tamara Wilder
Tumplines, Carrying Bags and Belts by Alice Tulloch
Netting Notes by Steve Watts
Pomo Netting by Craig Bates
Dogbane Net by Jeff Gottlieb
Swamp Dancers by Doug Elliott
Cattail Visor by Star Compost
Cattail Dolls by Mors Kochanski
The Versatile Tule by Jim Riggs
Tule Ethnobotany by Norm Kidder
Split Willow Sculpture by Thomas J. Elpel
Plaited Yucca Sandals by Paul Campbell
Make Your Own Hide Glue by Jim Riggs
Mummy Varnish, Spruce Gum and Other Sticky Stuff by Scott Silsby
Making Pitch Sticks by Evard Gibby
A Word on Pitch by Errett Callahan
About Animal Glues by Errett Callahan

Thong-Thrown Arrows and Spears by Tim Baker
Throwing Darts With the Baton de Commandement by Paul Comstock
Atlatls: Throwing for Distance by Craig Ratzat
Primitive Hunting Equipment by Scooter Cheatham
Reconstructing A Generic Basketmaker Atlatl by David Wescott
Primitive Hunting Equipment by Scooter Cheatham
Throwing Atlatl Darts
Throwing Stick Patterns
Hand-Thrown Projectiles
Throwing Sticks by Scooter Cheatham
The Non-Returning Boomerang by Errett Callahan
Using Natural Wood Elbows by Ray Rieser
Tuning and Throwing by Robert Foresi
Making Throw Sticks Behave by Norm Kern

The Music of Prehistory by Laurence Libin
Paint with Pride by Doug Land
ABO Art Supplies by Steve Watts
Aboriginal Airbrush by Wylie Woods
Musical Glossary by David Wescott
Bone Flutes by Manuel Lizaralde
Ziarian Rattle by Robert Withrow
Musical Instruments of Central California by Norm Kidder
Removing the Hooves of Deer by Tamara Wilder
Deer Hoof Rattles by Norm Kidder
Gadgets & Geegaws by David Wescott

The Hazards of Roadkill by Alice Tulloch
Ethics For Modern "Primitives" by Alice Tulloch