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Stone Masonry

Building Stone Walls
In stock
Building Stone Walls by John Vivian Building Stone Walls shows you everything you need to know to build sturdy mortarless (dry-stacked) stone walls... More

Building with Stone by Charles McRaven
In stock
Building with Stone by Charles McRaven       Concrete and steel may weight as much, but nothing can rival stone for its... More

Stone House A Guide to Self-Building with Slipforms by Tomm Stanley
In stock
Stone House: A Guide to Self-Building with Slipforms Tomm Stanley The slipforming method they used is largely to early slipforming methods... More

Stone Masons Dreampack
In stock
Stone Mason's Dreampack! -Be informed before you build.- Cost: $110.00 (Save $17.00) Package includes: Building With Stone Building Stone... More

Stone Primer
In stock
Timeless. Durable. Elemental. No other material can rival the beauty and grace that stone brings to the home and landscape. Discover the joy of the... More

Stonework Techniques and Projects by Charles McRaven
In stock
No building material rivals stone for beauty, permanence, and enduring popularity. Discover the lasting statisfaction of working with stone and learn the... More

The Stonebuilder's Primer A Step-by-Step Guide for Owner-Builders by Charles Long
In stock
"It must be more complicated than that." Is the frequently heard comment of visitors to the author's farmstead in rural Ontario. Setting out to create an... More